SPNRD Mapping Application

This application allows SPNRD to display information about the district's technical activities to the public through interactive maps and information. This application also allows the district to update that information with new data as required to be able to present the most accurate and update information available. This application is currently being developed and has several features that are being actively rolled out the public and the NRD. As the application changes, additional features and buttons will appear along with a description of the updates.

This application is for the displays of the South Platte NRD monitoring well locations and data. The data is collected on a bi-annual basis of the depth to water for multiple wells across the District. Many land owners and operators have partnered with the District to enable the data collection that serves to help the district determine the effects of allocations and life of the aquifers.

Version 2.1 Update

Additional layers that were added to the draw down map to now display the SPNRD boundary as well as contour lines were included that display various amounts of draw down by location. A new Saturated Thickness map was created to show percent Saturated Thickness used over time.

Water Levels Map

This map displays each of the monitoring wells within the SPNRD and a graph of the historical ground water data available for those wells.

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Aquifer Life Maps

These maps display the results of the Aquifer Life analysis for the 2013 model runs for both ground water levels and for saturated thickness used.

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